As you guys have seen on my Insta stories lately, I’ve recently found a new place to share and feed my unquenchable inspo craving. Wantfolio is a brand new app where subscribers can catalogue and share all of the big and little things that make them tick. As a blogger, it’s no secret we are all a little crazy about those niche, gorgeous little items in life that photograph beautifully and simply are ‘art’. From uniquely designed headphones, new Nike sneakers, textured sweaters, handcrafted tech accessories…they’re all inspiration. For me, exploring these things actually fuels me. To be creative myself and in turn, earn the opportunity to experience these little gadgets, places and things that make life fun and enjoyable.

Like many of you, I spend a healthy amount of time online stumbling across amazing people, things, brands and images. I have taken more screenshots of things I love and want than breaths in my lifetime. But the habit creates a monster of aΒ folder in my iPhone and constantly threatens my memory space. My favourite part of the Wantfolio app is to now have a super easy place to catalogue all of my fave images within category boards. Most of my inspo can be categorized into just four which you will see on my Wantfolio page; fashion, tech, interiors and food & drink. Then I can follow some of my friends like Alexander Liang to get some of his inspo and see what’s making his eyes drool these days.

I recently caught up with the lovely Lesley Metcalfe from Wantfolio to talk style and life. The big picture and even life’s idiosyncrasies. Here’s the full story!


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