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Today felt like a good day to shake up my look. My topcoat and biker jacket has been getting a lot of play and while they are of course staples in my wardrobe, diversifying your look is what personal style is all about. I put together this look with one goal; take a “professor” blazer and fusion into a super casual and semi-street look. What says street more than distressed denim, bulky hoodies and untied boots right?

I remember when I was about 18 and slowly morphing out of the pseudo gangster look that plagued so many cities during the early 2000s and into the preppy look, the blazer immediately became a mature go-to. Believe it or not it was Tom Brady who started it all for me. Here is this handsome athlete up at the podium of a press conference wearing an athletic hoody with a beautiful blazer over top…I thought “this dude looks comfy but handsome AF!” I was inspired. I adopted the look and applied it to just about every party getup for the next 6 months. Like so many of our own personal style trends it at some point faded out like the American people’s hopes last night at the election. (I said it. The man you elected president is a bumbling fool in my opinion and is literally the disease that has stolen grace from the American man of yester-year)

Politics aside, I nostalgically replenishedย my interest in the look upon setting eyes on this wool printed blazer from Le Chateau (VIEW). It had that typical professor vibe that you would see on Indiana Jones in the classroom setting and I immediately felt the challenge. There’s nothing wrong with the professor look but I wanted to incorporate it into a more day-to-day look for me. So I took it home and unzipped it from it’s garment bag and hit the day with it. I’ve been eager to also break out my new wingtip boost from Call It Spring (VIEW)and they so easily fit the look so there was no turning back.


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