Let’s talk coffee?

Equivalent to my love for fashion and fitness is my adoration for a wicked cup of coffee. Now I am not a coffee snob, in fact many of my favourite cups over the years have come from hole-in-the-wall shops buried in obscure neighbourhoods BUT, like most of you, I have no time for a shit cup of coffee and it’s a nice feeling to stumble across a cafe with inspiring interiors.

Over the last few months I have actually gravitated towards the cappuccino as my cafe drink of choice. There’s just something about it that is outrageously comforting and if made well, absolutely delicious. While I spent most of 2016 in coffee shops working away on my various projects I developed a short list of my fave spots in Toronto. Now like anything, this simply is a list based on my opinion. These are not necessarily the BEST, just my go-tos. I have yet to experience each and every little shop in this city so please feel free to recommend in the comments!


1 | Darkhorse in Canary District

Probably my fave these days. The cappuccinos are on point, the service is amazing and the lighting is almost unbeatable. The shop is surrounded by floor to ceiling windows making almost every photograph stellar. Located in the up-and-coming hood of the Canary District, this cafe is tucked away and it’s kinda nice. Always spacious, never overcrowded. It happens to be right beside my new gym too so morning workouts then a cappuccino couldn’t be any easier.

2| Her Majesty’s Pleasure

Neck and neck with Darkhorse in terms of Instagram friendliness. With loads of natural light, marble counters and copper accessories scattered about, HMP has got a style that is both minimal and well, pretty. No surprise as it’s #1 service is manicures and blow-outs. While I have never ventured over to that side of the shop, you can often find me posted up at the bar working away, having a coffee and awkwardly smiling to the infinite amount of ladies coming in and out.

3 | Early Bird

Not my favourite vibe but a good frigging cappuccino. The aesthetic is beautiful but it lacks a friendliness that the previous cafes exude. The staff is super cool but the patrons are pretty buried in their MacBooks with headphones on 99% of the time. Obviously admirable but it just makes for a more solo type of cafe. The tables are a little tight so my fave spot is up at the bar beside the baristas.

4 | Sorry Coffee Co.

A mini shop with style. Service is so-so but the design is gorgeous and an all around great option for a coffee when you’re on the go. With a black & white vibe complete with Scandinavian-style wood and elegant copper details, it too is an Instagrammers playground. The cappuccino is terrific and by far the very best coffee option in Yorkville.

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