These are my favourite posts to write. Simply sharing my take on a specific look and lending a little insight to the men who just need those extra few tips & tricks or are just too damn busy to give it some real thought. Well, I’m here to help for anybody willing to take it.

If you’re even a casual follower of my blog and Instagram, it’s pretty easy to tell that I generally gravitate towards menswear on the basic/minimal side. While I adore a statement piece from time to time, I truly feel my best in well fitted and basic pieces. I sound like a broken record when I always say style is at it’s finest when effortless. Now with that said, my “essentials” are always changing and not just from season to season but as inspo comes and goes as well. With fall upon us and winter standing on the doorstep like a pushy girl scout with cookies to unload, jeans and white tees  just aren’t enough to lean on. Style is one thing but functionality is another. Don’t be the dweeb looking fly but freezing his ass off outside the bar. There is a way to stay sharp yet still be properly outfitted and without spending a fortune.

I suppose this is look 3.0 as I’ve documented two of my favourite outfits before as staples that simply needed to be followed like a recipe to get that perfect masculine look. Now while these posts are always just an opinion, I always test-drive them and triple check that this is the look to get. Now let’s talk denim. We all love our ripped jeans and while winter is here, it doesn’t necessarily men we have to shelve them through this season BUT, there are also other options without compromising warmth or style. Try patchwork jeans. Often hard to find pre-constructed but super easy to create yourself and usually for less than the cost of a grande latte at Starbucks. Iron-on patches are made for dummies so us men can excel in the craft. Patchwork jeans will give you that extra little bit of detail and texture that distressed denim does, just without the shivering and chapped kneecaps. I’ll tell you what, give me a few days to prep and I’ll post a vid on how to do it perfectly.

Finish the bottom layer with a basic top. Whether it is a solid coloured tee for slightly milder days or my fave, a crewneck sweater. H&M is always my favourite spot to stock up so look for the basic crews at the price point of around $16. A step up would be the sweaters from Uniqlo or the very best with Wings + Horns or ACNE STUDIOS.

Hmm boots?? What should I-…Chelseas, bro. A suede Chelsea is timeless and handsome. A light tan tone is always my favourite but explore with a black or grey suede or even a distressed leather look. The ones in this outfit I wore are from Floyd which are sold exclusively at Little Burgundy I believe [view]. The Ferrari of chelseas in my opinion are the Common Projects so go for those if you’re willing to make the investment. I just ordered a brand new pair from MR PORTER [view] this morning.

Now the jacket is of course the most important piece. Like a biker jacket, the wool topcoat for me is simply one of my essentials I can always trust. It’s comfy to wear and it’s always a smart look. It can be street or GQ. We all dabbled in the camel tones last year but this season is about the heather greys and charcoals. If you’re going to add others, go navy or classic black. I picked this grey one from Topman [view] while Uniqlo always has good quality topcoats at solid prices. The Ferrari of this piece is definitely Sandro Paris in my opinion.

I polished off the look with a basic knitted hat from J Crew [view] and a heavy detailed laptop case from Rudsak.

With any “basic” look it always leaves room for it to be replicated in mix and match colours. Personally, the ability to do this makes shopping easy and your wardrobe reliable and uniformed. So stock up on the crew necks and invest in a small rotation of Chelsea boots and topcoats.



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