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Posted on October 16, 2017 by Daniel Ocean

It was perfect timing when I connected with BMW this summer and drew up some ideas about taking some of their models in the lineup to the test. My very last post journaled my experience with the new X5 and it left me pretty impressed and back in car shopping mode, again. The running joke with me is that I have essentially left behind the old happy-to-party Daniel and morphed into a dog dad back and forth from the office. The truth is, I need something new to support my evolving lifestyle and collection of fat bulldogs…

As an owner of  a BMW 328xi, I fell in love with the innovation and performance of the BMW right from the start. There’s just something about the engine that feels…flawless and resilient. Some things we buy in life give us spikes of excitement and others provide comfort and security and then there’s those select instances where we get a splash of both simultaneously. I had that feeling when I got my hands on my first Common Projects chelsea boots. The style AND the quality of the boot was overwhelming. I knew I had made a solid investment. You get that very same feeling when you add the BMW badge to your vehicle.

Ring Ring

Yeah that was BMW calling asking if I wanted to try the new M3 sedan for Thanksgiving weekend. I’m not sure if this is dog dad material I thought but heck yes let’s do it was my response. The truth is, I really wasn’t familiar with the M series engine and was eager to learn what the fuss was about. Now before we get into my first-hand account let’s do a mini crash course on the M division of BMW.

The M is born from the affection of high-performance. While exceptionally powerful with turbo-charged engines, agility is just as present which makes an M series BMW an absolute lion on the road. Simply put, it’s motorsport technology injected into an everyday car that can be purchased from your local BMW dealer. Horsepower is nearly endless, suspension is tight and the sound of the revs puts Chopin’s Nocturnes to shame.

So, I’ve met a lot of dynamic, hot people in my life and I’ve stumbled upon my fair share of bad-ass gadgets but never have I ever been introduced to something quite as consuming as the BMW M series. Just a push of the button and the engine comes to life with a thunderous hum and from there I was hooked. Being downtown and generally confined on the road, I took it slow on day 1 simply getting used to the feel of the car. I could feel the power at my fingertips but I just didn’t get the chance to unleash it, yet. It wasn’t until day 2 that I felt it merely overtaking a street car on King Street. I barely pressed the pedal, the engine roared, people stared and then the street car was a distant memory in my rear view mirror. She was more than sights and sounds, she was high performance.

Thanksgiving weekend snuck up fast so I didn’t have a heck of a lot planned which kind of made it the ideal weekend to poke round the city and take the M3 along with me. Of course I had to take Fred for a spin and while he’s the bravest little man I’ve ever met, he gave me a few looks thinking “yo this is too fast and I’m bouncing all over the place Dad”. One thing I had to get used to was the attention from pedestrians and other drivers on the road. The car is just magnetic. At first I was a little uncomfortable with it. I’d like to call myself a rather understated guy with my style but before long I was downshifting at every light to just give the neighbourhood a wake up call. Yeah, I was that guy.

The M3 had a few different driving modes to choose from. There is a comfort mode with less torque and a smoother suspension, a sportier manual mode and then the most sporty M2 mode which tightened the suspension immensely and opened up the acceleration. Naturally, I drove most of the weekend on M2 using the manual mode so I could shift both on the steering wheel paddles and the gear shifter. I finally had the chance to take the green dragon on the highway Sunday to visit my old man in Ajax and it was an unforgettable drive. Effortless is the best way to describe the journey. The car seems to dare you to push it more because 125km/hr on the 401 is something it can do in it’s sleep. I arrived on the quiet street and gave it a few revs to pull my Dad and brothers out of the house for a gander. The car was stole the show.

The M3 is the real deal and it absolutely got me thinking outside the box with my next car purchase. I mean, what’s a real dog dad without a mean growl, right? BMW, if you’re listening…that new X4 M40i in ocean blue would be one heck of an early Christmas prezzy.



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