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The suit.

Now I know my brain doesn’t function conventionally and it conjures it’s fair share of odd thoughts but this particular one I am going to broadcast to the crowd. Isn’t the suit in it’s essence, odd? Here we have one particular outfit, in one general design, lasting decade after decade, generation after generation and STILL, in style. So I suppose what happened is a guy one day said, “hmm, not a bad day for me to design and craft an entire outfit for a man to wear that’s dramatically different than the garbs we normally wear. It will consist of pants, a shirt, a jacket of the identical material as the pants and maybe I’ll hang a piece of cloth around the neck tied in a very particular and tactical manner.”

So there’s actually a true story to this madness so I will share at least a synopsis. The era of regency was fading and men were looking for a new answer for everyday attire that was more comfortable and with far less jewels and ridiculous frills. There wasn’t exactly a random man on a random day inventing it but it was a rather swift phenomenon that over. An original product of the western world, the suit is now a global must-have. While not a statement of everyday etiquette any longer or even reinforced as a standard uniform in the business world, the suit is still a staple to menswear for many occasions, all sizes and all ages.

Ok school’s out. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Us millennials are getting older, our brothers are getting married, our buds are too, the neighbour and even your creepy cousin Marvin. The point is, weddings during our 20s and 30s are often and not every one is the same so different suits are needed. Yes the navy blue suit can seamlessly fit into any wedding in the world but fashion is about mixing it up sometimes and you’re not just a navy blue suit kinda guy are you? So let’s talk about how we can shake it up, make your suit memorable but still respect the classics. Like any conversation involving ‘what to wear’, I will always loyally take the side of the classics. I think in perfect fits with solid colours and I encourage all men to do the same. Let’s face it, being a stylish man isn’t new but it isn’t always welcomed with open arms in certain crowds. Some people still expect vanilla from men and while we can make conscious efforts to give them delicious mint chip, we don’t want to give tiger tail with sprinkles, fudge and whipped cream. Ya feel me? What I’m saying is be unique but don’t be an asshole.

…but fashion is about mixing it up and you’re not just a navy blue suit kinda guy are you?

Summer weddings are about light colours, light textures and of course, summery colours. I want to be clear on something, there is and never will be anything wrong with the navy blue suit so don’t feel you are being Mr Boring by electing to go that route. If you are, stay away from the heavy wool and freshen it up with a boldly striped tie or a solid pastel like rose or sky blue. Personally, I always vote for a crisp white shirt with all suits.

Now if you’re looking to do things a little different, let’s dig in. I partnered up with J Crew to craft the perfect summer wedding look. Something clean, classic, breathable and memorable. The fact is, why look like every other man at the wedding? I knew right away I wanted to go with a warm  colour so I immediately gravitated towards the Ludlow in Italian stretch chino. The colour reminded me of the wood on a dock, the material was light and the suit had a flexibility to it that made it very comfortable and form fitting. Fit is everything guys. Straight up, if something feels unnatural and foreign, you’ll never kill the look. Menswear is at it’s finest when effortless so make sure you feel comfortable and like yourself.

…Fit is everything guys. Straight up, if something feels unnatural and foreign, you’ll never kill the look.

After deciding on the summery colour of tan as my base, I quickly added the necessary slim fit white shirt and needed to then pick my accessories. With such a light palette, it’s always important to ground the look with some strong tones so I elected to do a Italian silk navy blue tie with white polka dot. A tan suit isn’t exactly “traditional” so don’t go too crazy with your tie selection. Stick to a classic and simple print like a polka dot or stripe. I played around with idea of a floral print but deemed it to be a little too much as a whole. I then finished it off with a complimentary Twill pocket square also from J Crew.

Now what’s an outfit without shoes right? If you followed along on my Instagram stories with me through this process, it came down to a brown leather brogue or a slip on loafer style. Of course, a brown brogue is as handsome as it gets but I did feel like doing it just a little different with my footwear as well. I mean, I’ve worn a lace up 20 times to weddings and this was my shot to mix it up. I found a pair of slip on loafers from Aldo in a blue suede that were as badass as they were comfortable. I hate the click-clacking dress shoe so the white rubber wedge sole made these comfortable to poke around in all day and crush the dance floor with.

My other brother is getting married this August so it’s going to give another chance to put together a new look so stay tuned for volume 2. Any questions, just shoot me a message in the comments below!


J Crew Ludlow Jacket | view

J Crew Ludlow Pant | view

J Crew Shirt | view

J Crew Tie | view

J Crew Pocket Square | view

Aldo Shoes | view



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