When it comes to upcoming trends for the masses, unfortunately I must bow out. It’s not what I do. This space is to frame my own sense of style, not cover the general wave of men’s fashion. With that said, keep in mind that the list below is simply a reflection of what I intend to wear this spring. While I may have a pulse on what’s happening globally, this article comes from my outlook. One of my favourite quotes from Richard Eberhart corroborates that notion; “Style is the perfection of a point of view”. It may not run parallel with what GQ is advising or another blogger is projecting. It’s my point of view.

Every fading season always sparks a boiling anticipation for the next inside of me and while I write this with an expected 30cm of snow falling outside, I’ve been prepping for spring for WEEKS. I always spend a little time looking through some of my photos from the previous spring and then I end up poking through the explore page and my favourite menswear bloggers around the world. Like a lot of you guys, I am always on the hunt for inspiration. I don’t replicate others but I take bits and pieces from things and people each and every day and make them my own. A colour, a fit, a brand…

So what’s your spring look going to be? My advice is start to envision it. Shopping in bulk makes building a seasonal wardrobe a breeze. See the big picture and stock up accordingly. Now, I suppose if you’re here reading this very paragraph, you’re on the hunt for a little inspo yourself. Here are a few of my entries on my spring/summer ’17 style to-do list.

1| Coloured Shades

Your shades are just about as important to spring + summer as the sun itself. Maybe it’s the fact that 2016 was an endless buffet of monochrome and white wash that’s left me feeling a little nauseous from it. I am suddenly embracing pops of colour because like my style, my aesthetic is forever evolving. Consciously or subconsciously. While I intend to keep my denim basic and my tees white, my lenses will be anywhere from pink to turquoise this season. Two of my faves right now are this pair photographed from Ray Ban and the collection from Volterre. Call my bud Terence at Evok Eyewear and tell him I sent ya, he’ll take care of ya.

2| Tuck It In, Baby

The whole Yeezy streetwear/oversized thang is about as relevant to me right now as the monochrome. Listen, it was a good look but personally, not me entirely. I dabbled in the scoop tee and the destroyed denim as I always have but it’s run it’s course. I will always be biased to the classics and I still believe the James Dean smart but effortless look is one that will never die. I’ve grown to adore a tucked in tee with a fitted pant and jacket. Given my obsession with order, I guess I shouldn’t feel all that surprised that my shirt set properly in place is going to give me comfort. OCD or not, give it a try this spring. Keep an eye out for soft knit polos. The ones that have the bottom trim that resemble a sweater.

3| Goodbye Side Part

So I have been thinking about this for a while… I’ve essentially had the same haircut for a decade and like the theme of this article it seems, I have grown tired of it. I sparked a change by nixing the beard but have been anxiously looking for more change. I’m not entirely sure yet if I’m going to just eliminate the side part or go all out brush cut. Military style. For the guys out there who have donned the buzz cut, you’ll agree that there really is nothing like stepping out of the shower and not having to worry about a damn thing. I kind of miss that feeling of running your hands through a brush cut and feeling the mist tumble back down on your shoulders. It’s a cool, summery feeling. Since this step is to come, check out a few of my inspo pics.



4| Bone + Rose

You can’t talk spring without colour scheming. Two of my favourite new shades are bone and rose. “Bone”, a slightly paler version of beige that beautifully fusions with dusty spring colours like soft pink, pale yellow or sky blue. Look out for dusty pink tees and crewnecks this year and shake it up by trying some light knitted and pique tees. A nice texture but maintaining a breathability. I recommend going a size up to keep them airy.  I stumbled upon this one from H&M and paired with these killer bone coloured sneaks from Aldo.

5 | Shiny Shoes

Not a groundbreaking development but one I have never truly adopted. Somehow during my shopping for Toronto Fashion Week, I fell in love with the shiny sneaker and now I am on the hunt for just about any colour I can find. As I always say, Zara is an undervalued hub for great shoes at incredibly reasonable prices so start there. Here is a look at my first pair that started it all.

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