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Believe it or not, the most asked question I get as a blogger is about my grooming routine. The skincare I use, where and when I get my hair cut, the hair product I use and how I trim and keep my beard neat. Here’s the deal, I am an incredibly meticulous person and I very much have a routine I never waiver from. Let’s face it, we as men haven’t always been known as the tidiest, most well-kept gender on this planet but we are certainly catching up.

Now I know a lot of you guys agree that being well-kept as a man is no longer scoffed at and by no means lessens your masculinity. The days of the terms ‘metrosexual’ and ‘pretty boy’ are gone. A man is expected to look sharp and as he should be. I also know for sure a portion of you guys are thinking “OK I want to keep fresh but how the hell do I do it well?”. The short answer is find the time and collect the right tools. It’s really that simple. I spend just FIVE minutes everyday doing the little things to keep me fresh. FIVE MINUTES. Just in case there is a reader out there thinking “I don’t have time, life is busy.” How many minutes do you spend waiting in line at Starbucks awaiting your $6 mochachino, no-fat, no-foam, no-taste cup of junk? Or watching television. Or watching my ridiculous Insta-stories of Junior rubbing his privates on my living room rug?

Every morning after coffee, emails, walking Junior and picking out my outfit for the day, I shower and start getting ready. Music goes on, I take my vitamins and I do my routine. I use a little bit of face moisturizer, spray a little cologne and most importantly, bust out the Philips OneBlade. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve tried just about every trimmer under the sun. Some fancy expensive ones, some hardware store ones and every kind in between. The bottom line is a trimmer is one of those things that either works well or doesn’t and until now, I hadn’t found one that does a little bit of everything.

This is 100%, hand on the bible, swear on my Common Projects chelsea boots real talk…this is THE BEST trimmer I have ever used. It’s small, lightweight, lasts an eternity in battery life and lets me do what I need to do well and quickly. Without a clip on, the trimmer literally shaves me as close as a razor so I shape my beard under the nose, down my cheeks and on my neck. I often use the shortest length clip to slightly fade my beard length as it climbs up my cheeks to my sideburns. Do people still say sideburns? It’s not always an exact science but I mix and match the clips to help trim the beard to it’s best look. It’s quiet too which actually may be my favourite feature. I remember having one trimmer that sounded like a damn chainsaw.

This is the first time in my life I have a tool that allows me to have a fresh beard every single day. I’m kind of a pro at the process now so it actually takes me just 90 seconds now if I’m just doing my beard. The OneBlade is also great for the entire body too. We could all use a little trim here and there and I certainly am no stranger to that too. Depending on your style, you could shave your chest bare if you wanted to or simply use a clip to keep it short and non-Alec Baldwin. The blade is replaceable and through my research I found it generally lasts about 4 months which is a heck of a lot better than traditional razors I have had. Annnnnnnd the best part? Under $50. Treat yourself, get the best there is and stop messing around with poor performing trimmers.

Available at Canadian Tire, amazon.ca, Best Buy, Wal-Mart.
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