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I admit I am not an overly spiritual or religious person leaving my Sundays usually consisting of my standard cappuccinos in bed, online shopping and gearing up for football Sunday. Those close to me know but many of my friends I meet through my blog know just how much of a sports nut I really am. 50% of my day literally consists of reading, watching or listening to sports content. I read articles in the morning, watch anything I can find when I am not out at events in the evening and listen to my favourite sports podcasts every single night when I go to bed.

Being a Canadian boy without a home NFL team to cheer for, it leaves the choice for your favourite a slightly random one. At some point in time I gravitated my fandom to the Arizona Cardinals. I think a lot of it had to do with wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald because he is by far the most professional and dedicated player when the position usually spawns egotistical maniacs. I dig that. A man with style, talent AND an unquenchable work ethic…my kind of guy. The logo and uniforms are pretty damn sharp too which helps be a fan.

So here’s the thing and I guarantee so many many men out there have the same challenge…How do you openly show your team spirit on Sunday without looking like a caveman or a child? It’s actually a hard thing to pull off. To rep your team all day but still be able to fit in a meeting with a client or a brunch with your gf or bf’s parents but still look handsome and sharp. Sundays are meant to be casual but no day is meant to be conquered in a slouchy outfit. I took on the challenge and tackled my day like a defensive end thirsty for a sack. I took a few of my favourite Majestic & New Era pieces I got online from the NFL Shop and paired them with a few of my favourite Sunday pieces; fitted chinos, a denim jacket and stark white sneakers.

I layered the Majestic Critical Victory II t-shirt under the Championship Pullover Hoody because it was damn cold in the morning. I visited my fave new coffee shop in the Canary District, sipped on my cappuccino and flipped through the pre-game news and notes as I always do. I then took the look all through the early afternoon meeting the boys for lunch to take in the games and fill up on wings and a few cold pints of course. We all skipped the first half of the second round of games to toss around the football and get some fresh air. The temps dropped even more so I added a much needed On-Field Sport Knit has from New Era. Is it weird that knitted hats with moms nostalgically remind me of being a carefree kid?

Wherever you are stationed, whomever your team is, there’s always a way to show your team some love and not ignore your personal style. You just have to be a little creative and find the right pieces that are well-fitted and handsome. Good luck guys and gals. (PS. I love when a woman wears a vintage NFL tee tucked into distressed jeans with a heavy knit cardigan or biker jacket)

Happy Sunday.


Want some New Era + Majestic NFL gear to put this look to the test? Leave a comment on one of my NFL inspired Instagram photos this week showing some love for the Cardinals!

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*This post was sponsored by NFL Canada but the opinions are completely my own based on my personal style.

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