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First and foremost, Happy New Year to everybody. Thank you for following along my journey and thank you for letting me into some of yours. Without dwelling on the past too much, 2016 was an amazing gateway into a new career and passion for me and 2017 is the beginning of a whole new world for me. It starts with doing some the things I’ve always wanted to do with this online space so I very much hope you guys stay connected.

Ok now let’s talk interiors, man. This feature is LONG overdue but I am glad I waited because I finally got my home exactly how I want it. I have a huge affinity for interior design and it’s really played a huge role in my life. My mother had an eye for it and it absolutely rubbed off on me. Whether I have talent, who knows, but I at least have a healthy appreciation for treating the home well and making it a direct refection of who you are. I very much believe that personal happiness starts with the home. It’s the spring board to the day and your haven as you unwind and prepare for the next.

My style isn’t hard to pin-point, I dig minimal and clean aesthetics. Call it Scandinavian or Nordic, I like my whites and greys and raw wood finishes. On a personal note, I very much have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder so caring and maintaining for my space is a big part of my life as well. To some, it’s kind of funny and just makes me quirky but in reality, it really is a hard characteristic to nurture on a daily basis. Clutter scares me. It literally makes me anxious so having a space that consists of the bare minimum and where every little thing within it’s confines has a dedicated space is crucial. It was a blessing to partner up with Dyson because it finally gave the neat freak in me a bad-ass gadget. The cordless Dyson V8 Absolute truly is a beast and let’s me keep the place spotless in a flash. I take it with me every Friday night to the car wash too. Man, I feel like a dork writing that. Simply put, my Olympus camera and my Dyson vacuum are my third and fourth sons in addition to Junior and Joey.

Okay enough about my idiosyncrantic behaviour, here is a look into what every little corner of my home looks like. Let me know what you guys think in the comments!


I went out of my way to keep this room as wide open as possible so that meant nixing my coffee table and even cutting my cable so I could rid the room of the boxy media unit I had. Obviously it took a little time to adjust to A not having somewhere to put my coffee cup and B not flicking on the television when I got home but it truthfully became the best decision I ever made in getting my home right. Getting rid of the pieces made my space feel twice as big and removed the distraction of TV. Now I did set up a Google Chromecast to stream movies and such for those nights in. One thing I kind of like about my place is the distribution of natural light. My bedroom is as bright and airy as a farming field yet my living space is a little more shadowed and pretty spooky looking. It gives the space a cool grey tone that is pretty cozy and makes it to nap in. The rug was actually the hardest touch to complete. I had this vision in my head of this multi-grey tone braided rug but simply couldn’t find it anywhere. I probably looked for two years until I stumbled upon NuLoom and it’s ‘Lefebvre’ rug. I was a little nervous ordering online but it came out absolutely perfect.

Sofa: Ikea

Prints: Uniqfind

Rug: Nuloom

Cross Blanket: Uniqfind

Wire Basket: Simons


The kitchen is clean and modern. In this room, the best styling was to pretty much NOT style it. All I added was a cool magnetic knife bar beside the sink, a deer graphic that I managed to create drunk with electrical tape and of course the polished wire barstools.

Fruit Basket: Simons 


I suppose most normal human beings would use this space as an office or dining room but not this guy. As a man that lives for organization and well, fashion…this was a no brainer. When you have a million and one pieces of clothing it can absolutely be a pain to get dressed in the morning so getting this closet in order was paramount. The first thing I did was purge. I’m an incredibly lucky person with having more things than I need so it was very easy to decide that some things needed to go. Selfishly, it felt amazing to eliminate 90% of my wardrobe and start with a clean slate but it felt pretty good too to drop off 6 giant tubs of new clothing to the shelter that would be put to proper use rather overflowing out of a closet collecting dust.

Now that I filtered my wardrobe down to a small amount, I painted a grey feature wall, hung a mirror to expand the space, had my buddy Brent build my dresser and then simply added a clothing rack for my favourite pieces just coming in the door. Oh and the shoes…this is a lineup of the ones I wear the most often. The top cabinets of my kitchen and storage unit house the additional 15o-ish pairs in my collection. Yikes right?

Clothing Rack: Ikea

Dresser: Ikea

Shoe Rack: Ikea



Welcome to my slumber/work retreat. I kept my bedroom simple with simply a bed, a desk and a little greenery. I’ve had about a trillion people ask about the giant calendar on the wall over the last few weeks so I made sure to add a link below. While I spend most of my time working from home at the kitchen island, I wanted a desk to at least house some of my work gadgets and iMac computer. When the light is booming, sometimes I just kick back and listen to music.

Paper Back: Uniqfind

Calendar: Uniqfind


Not much to say with this room. I did my best with a very small space by simply having the incredibly functional shelving piece that hovers around and above the toilet and just a few accessories. H&M has a great lineup of concrete sink pieces so check there if you’re doing a mini bathroom refresh. My entire bathroom is outfitted in the lineup of men’s grooming products from Crown Shaving Co. The Peppermint Tea Tree Hair & Body Wash is my absolute favourite. I keep in the shower and by the sink to wash my hands. It literally awakens your senses when you wash with it and the bottle is minimal and masculine to leave around the space.

Shelving Unit: Ikea

Storage Pieces: H&M

Grooming Products: Crown Shaving Co.

Door Mat: Simons

Phone Charger: Native Union by Frank & Oak

Marble iPhone Case: Uniqfind

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