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It took me 30 years to buy sandals but I did, and I dig them.


Hi, I’m Daniel, I’m in my thirties and I just purchased my first pair of sandals.

If you’re thinking “k WTF…what do you mean?”, well it’s true. My reasons may be odd but I’ve been loyal to them my entire life. I always found sandals…girly. Can I say that? Well I did because it’s the truth. I always thought sandals exhibited zero masculinity and how hot can it really be that I need to remove all the material and walk around with simply the skeleton of a shoe wrapped around my foot. So no, no flip-flops, no strap on things, no gladiator sandals, not even a Birkenstock. Until now.

I guess I was just sucked in by the colour at first. These charcoal Birkenstock-like sandals with a cork sole and jagged tread with matte black hardware. I thought, “hmm, these are actually kinda cool”. I walked away, continued with my summer suit shopping and waved them off because sandals are girly and I’m loyal to that and mother*cker, nobody is going to tell me different. But yeah I went back to where they were tucked away in Zara and then convinced myself that hey, I need a new pair of kicks to barbecue in this summer and they’ll at least match the paint on the wall next to the back door terrace. Worst case, I take ’em back and laugh off the idea.

See photo below.

Yeah I didn’t take them back. I rock them and pretty often at that. And I don’t feel like any less than a man and god damn it, they are pretty convenient to slip on and off. Now I’m not going to start getting crazy and padding a collection this summer but I will take this as a baby step towards normalcy.

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