If you follow along my Insta stories you would have noticed that I just recently went through the process of buying a new car. A mundane, emotion-less decision for many but not for all. I am a very selective man! I am not one who is easily impressed and my style is a hybrid of a million and one different influences. I wanted something mature and sophisticated but sporty and high performing. I wanted something with a classic aesthetic but man, I love my gadgets! I think my taste is subtle and minimal but for some reason I also want to turn a head or two in mild admiration. The process was tedious and it nearly drove my partner Sara to disown me but then something happened that was almost fate…I got my hands on the brand new BOLD Connected II smart watch from Movado.

All the things I want in my daily tools was obtainable! Everything I was searching for in a car was right there on my wrist.

The first look at the watch and it subtly screams what we all envision when we think Movado, elegant. Movado is not crafted for the plain man, it’s made for the sophisticated man. Not the pretentious man but one with a taste for the refined who likes to be noticed but not stared at. Wearing the watch, I was drawn to how solid and masculine it was but still very understated with it’s clean lines and minimal dial details. Not a lot of timepieces have the ability to be an everyday watch but this one more than qualifies.

When you start to dig a little deeper into the capability and functionality of the BOLD Connected II, it really starts to impress. Without sacrificing elegance, the timepiece houses fully integrated bluetooth technology to provide on-dial alerts and even fitness analytics.

So here’s the deal go how it works in the simplest terms; You tether the watch via bluetooth to your smartphone with the Movado app and while some of these processes can be unpredictable at times, it took just 30 seconds. It’s always refreshing to obtain new technological gadgets that ACTUALLY make life more convenient not more stressful. You can then adjust exactly what types of notifications you want to receive (i.e.:texts, phone calls, Instagram alerts etc.) When I researched the technology behind the watch, it was inviting to hear that the engineering of it was in partnership with Hewlett Packard which immediately compliments the already rock-solid rep of Movado. Having the tech brains behind the craftsmanship of Movado makes for one strong collaboration.

While I normally change my watch often throughout the week, I’ve taken my new Movado with me every single day for the last 8 or 9 days to really take it all in. What can I say other than it absolutely does what it’s supposed to do. I can check my incoming alerts while doing photoshoots, turn away calls while driving and track my daily physical activity at the end of the day. And damn it, it looks good on.



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