I get a kick when I read all of the articles scattered through Yahoo, MSN Online and CNN on the nature of millennials. The generation of renters, expensive latte buyers with affections simply for brunch and Instagram likes. While most sarcastic comedy has roots in truth, it’s a bit of a reach. I get it, us millenials are a different breed. A new species with faults, idiosyncratic tendencies and unique strengths. Wait, what? Hell yeah we are more than a regressed generation, we are also a forward-thinking group that have pioneered things like supreme efficiency, online resourcefulness, charcoal ice cream cones, and a strong sense of ridding the unneeded. The new man and woman can live comfortably in a mere 500 square foot space, travel on a one speed bicycle, survive off greens, chicken and walnuts, create an entire wardrobe out of basic, inexpensive garments, and even stay socially content staying in a Saturday night.

You’re probably connecting the dots of what this post has to do with the bedroom. The point is, don’t be ashamed of being a millennial. Embrace some of the strengths of it including living minimally and doing away with excessive things and objects in the home. “Minimalism” has been the greatest source of peacefulness in my life to be honest. I live in a space with space. My bathroom has a shelf, my kitchen has stools and a small plant, my living room simply has a place to sit and my bedroom has well, mostly just a bed and a small surface to rest my coffee on. Like most people my bedroom wasn’t always a bare minimum space, it was a magnet for stuff. A dresser stuffed with clothes, pictures and paintings on the wall, an oversized television for late night entertainment and a collection of other things that I learned to live without.

“Minimalism” has been the greatest source of peacefulness in my life to be honest.

I made a decision a while back to make my bedroom a room with a bed. A place to sleep. Rest. I know it sounds annoyingly simple and almost contrive to say out loud as if you’re better than all the common folk who don’t live the same way but it’s true. It’s true and it’s valuable and I am simply inviting you to give it a try. Us millennials are inundated all day long with multiple screens, tasks, lunch on the go and random pit stops. We very much live and work on the go. When you get home and it’s time to rest, eliminate the unneeded and focus on the beauty of recharging that doesn’t consist of a cord and a smartphone. Rejuvenate the mind and body in a simplified space.

So how does one do that? Well not to sound like an asshole but I say “get rid of all your shit and buy a good bed”. It’s that simple. Create a canvas of calming shades like white or grey, ditch the tv and junk and invest in a bed that welcomes your body and stands for nothing but great sleep. Every bed needs a terrific mattress so start there. I did my research and I had my specific wants. I like to be cool when I sleep so I needed something breathable, I needed something that wouldn’t rock like a boat when I’m working from bed so a memory foam was crucial, and I wanted something with a solid reputation. Buying a mattress is like booking a vacation. All looks good, you think it’s going to be awesome but only time will tell right? I was in full mattress shopping mode as I am ashamed to admit I was still sleeping upon the mattress of my teenage years. I ended up stumbling upon an article by Time Magazine that listed Casper’s mattress as one of the best inventions of 2015 and knew it was a contender. It checked off my needs and I was drawn to the vibe of the brand so I reached out and told them about my idea of simplifying the bedroom and telling the story. They loved it and decided to join the project.

…get rid of all your shit and buy a good bed

I placed an order and just a few days later I had a big blue box at my door. It felt like the time I bought an iMac desktop and freaked out because I thought Apple had forgotten to send the hard drive. Yeah, it was built in. The whole computer is in the screen!? Hold on, the entire mattress is in this box!? I cut the tape, opened the box and laid her down. My Lord she was as pretty as she was easy. Sometimes I don’t even put the sheets on because I love the grey trim and perforated surface.

I won’t sugarcoat the most important chapter of the story…the mattress is heavenly. It’s a joy to sleep in, it’s a joy to wake up in. It has a solid structure but a soft texture if that makes sense and I really do love how it’s not springy and simply absorbs weight rather than creating a shockwave throughout the bed. The best things to acquire in life are the ones that make life better and ones we never regret. Having my bedroom just the way it needs to be is a good feeling.




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