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Reindeer hooves on the roof aren’t the only racket echoing through the holiday season this year. My cocktail shaker is chipping in as I slowly but surely pad my lineup of bottles in my bar cupboard and refine my skills as an amateur mixologist. Like most men, not only is my personal style evolving and maturing, but so is my taste in food & drink. Let’s face it, you can only have so many beers and vodka-waters before boredom kicks in. Especially around the holidays, there’s just something in the air that makes rich cocktails a little sweeter and enjoyable.

I recently added a handsome bottle of Craigellachie 13 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey from the collection of the Last Great Malts from Dewar’s. It’s a mouth full I know but it’s a damn tasty one. With sweet but sulphury notes and lingering smoke, it’s a challenging whisky for the adventurous drinker – but in an unexpected and intriguing way. You can literally smell a savoury barbecue scent in the bottle that makes your wool sweater feel a little cozier as you peer outside and see the snow. It has a warm and rich vibe to it that I really quite enjoy. I am by no means a scotch pro but I know a good bottle when I taste one. This Scotch Whiskey is truly meant to be neat and you can tell right away by the flavour. I think it’s kind of mysterious that the whiskey lives in oak cases hidden in dark corners in the Craigellachie distillery just waiting to one day be poured into a glass. 13 years of preparation and refinement.

Like anything I buy and add to my home in life, it also has to look great. From my camera to my phone charger cable, I like sharp design. I’m pretty happy I chose to gift Craigellachie to all of my clients, brothers and buds this year because the bottles look damn good under the tree. Listen, Scotch is supposed to primarily taste great but it never hurts when the bottle looks like James Bond in a bottle. Charming and handsome.

It was a busy week of holiday parties this week so I made sure to invite a few friends over before the party for a drink or two. My friend Erin from Berlin is a Scotch lover so I was eager to fill her glass with this 13 year old. While we all prefer our Scotch neat, we festively experimented with a little cinnamon and cherries. I wish I had the chance to cheers all of you guys from around the world in person, but for now I offer it from here and wish everybody a safe and happy holidays.

You can find a bottle from the Last Great Malts collection online and at the LCBO. Have a taste and let me know what you think. Cheers fellas.






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