Toronto is my home and it is the only home I have ever had. I am absolutely a city boy through and through and while this city can sometimes breed a fast-paced personality and aggressive driving tendencies, it is one hell of a city with so dynamic industries and neighbourhoods. I often write about Toronto journaling my favourite cafes, where to shop or my favourite places to train.ย It’s pretty much my civic duty as an active Torontonian to share my tips and tricks on how to navigate this city and get the most of it.

Now before I go any further, let’s get something out of the way. Times have changed, the millennial is a major artery to the life blood of thisย city and the accessibility to new technologies is constant. This isn’t something we need to be ashamed of, it’s something to be embraced and honed with care. The right amount of convenience injected into your hardworking lifestyle is the perfect combination. If you’re now thinking, “okay what kind of intergalactic technology is this dude using to get ahead?”, well, it’s a new app called JoeyCo.

So here’s the scoop and served quite plainly. If you live in Toronto, it’s a must. JoeyCo isa ย in-hand delivery service for anything you need. No more scrambling to get that last minute gift for your Aunt Betsy’s birthday party out of town, the round of lattes for that creative pow-wow with clients, or groceries when you’re behind the 8 ball on a project and just don’t have the time. Picture it, you need something…you pull out your telephone, you click and tap a few times and it’s on it’s way. Personally, with my career getting busier and busier, more Joey the bulldogs in my life, more responsibility with family and STILL fitting in time to exercise daily, things like this are life altering. It’s not hand delivering the perfect life but it’s allowing me to focus on the things I love and the things I am set on accomplishing. I admit one thing, stress is my greatest enemy in life. Sometimes it build up and puts up one hell of a fight trying to ruin a week for me. I am constantly doing whatever I can to minimize it and obtain tools to help me combat it and having a personal assistant like JoeyCo is a pretty bad-ass weapon.

Here’s a story for the bloggers out there. Have you ever put together the perfect outfit, met up with your friends, scouted the perfect location, got the cappuccinos just to realize the memory card slot empty. “F***!!!!” Yeah, you’ve been there. You let your friends down, you’re wearing white jeans…you can’t trek through the snow to go back and get it, and you don’t even have time! JoeyCo, bro. Straight up, it can be a day saver. This exact thing scenario happened to me and it was such a satisfying solution. I had a second cappuccino and simply awaited my delivery.

So yeah it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. That day most men ignore or forget. Like many of you, the day creeps up magically quick and you’re left scrambling to pull it together. This year I wanted to do something nice for an important person in my life. Sara (@sarakoonar) is more than my business partner, she’s been my very best friend the last two years. She’s bright, supportive and she always notices the little things. I felt sending a little thing to say ‘thank you’ would be a nicer thing to notice besides all the mindless contract details and work verbiage we are used to scouring through. Now it being Monday the 13th, time is tight so this a JoeyCo moment for sure. I picked out some flowers and macaroons and have it set for an early morning delivery on Valentine’s Day. This has GOTTA get me at least a hundred bonus points!

Happy shopping guys. I am going to stay on a roll here and send a few other surprise gifts to my Mum and a few clients scattered throughout the city. Maybe some apple pie and a cappuccino for myself too…




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