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Daniel Ocean. Web designer, fitness consultant, style blogger, special ops agent?

Like almost every other young boy, I too had day dreams of being a bad ass CIA operative with a deadly skill set of intelligence and combat. I didn’t blink when I had the chance to partner up with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and help launch the DVD release of the latest instalment from the Jason Bourne series of films.

If you’re anywhere around my age and even just semi connected to the world of television, you know Jason Bourne is a staple. With 5 films in the collection, it’s a cult classic and you have likely seen a few of the films a dozen times or so because of how much play it gets on cable channels. Just in case you live on Mars, the Jason Bourne film series are adaptations from novels by Robert Ludlum. Bourne, a former CIA agent with extreme memory loss attempts to piece together his existence while staving off CIA figures out to get him and bury his secret. They can absolutely be categorized as thrillers and the combat scenes are just about the finest you will see. I had the chance to get a taste of the style of combat when I linked up with the owner of Pursuit OCR and martial arts expert Will McLean. The goal, to challenge my body to replicate a day in the life of Jason Bourne.

I tackled the obstacle course then hit the mats with Will to sharpen my hand to hand combat. If you are familiar with the films you’ll know the style is short and very rapid. Quick strikes, up close and dirty with inspiration from martial arts Jeet Kune Do and Kali. It was an amazing experience to say the least. On the film side, it gave me a solid appreciation for the actors who learn the choreography and simply need to run it and run it to get it down naturally and fast. Will and I created a script of movements one by one to create a short fight scene. We started in slow motion, tactically piecing together each manoeuvre and every round of practice led to a quicker pace. The strikes were soft then evolved to firm, bruise inflicting ones as the pace increased. It was a pretty amazing challenge and a great way to trial the mind and sharpen your coordination.

After my training session, I spent the afternoon kicking back and taking in the newest chapter of the film series, Jason Bourne. The film doesn’t take long to amp up so get your popcorn ready in advance. I’m going to bite my tongue and keep the spoilers to myself so make sure to get the scoop upon the DVD & Blu-Ray release of the film on December 6th. While you’re watching, take note of the martial arts used. I think sometimes we take for granted just how impressive they are. It’s safe to say I am a little hooked on the craft of martial arts now. While I won’t be picking random fights on the street corner, I am in the process of signing up for weekly classes to keep up the challenge for both my mind and body.

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