Welcome to the world of ath-fessionalism. Huh? Ass what?…

ATH-FESSIONAL. Athleisure, been there done and that. This is a modified subtext of menswear for the guy on the go. A guy that deems the daily workout as important as the meeting at noon with the prospective client. The guy that is proud of his body and values comfort. But can he value professionalism just the same? Well, let’s dig in.

Now let’s face it, this look can only apply to a certain man. Not a small bunch but certainly not us all. Some of us simply are required to suit up or tuck in that oxford with more traditional business wear. But there are a lot of men living that entrepreneurial life. The lifestyle is fluid and unpredictable. Cafes are often boardrooms, meetings are often on a whim after the gym or en route to the baseball game with friends. When you’re grinding to make a living, the grind is constant. Now before I start to sound like that motivational quote happy person on everybody’s Instagram, the point is you can be sporty, comfy and presentable. Yes, you CAN. But how?

Like a lot of different looks, there’s a million and one variations but personally, I always design my wardrobe with just a few staple pieces and simply mix and match from there. The right sneaker is the perfect place to start really because it’s truly the king of comfort. With the ath-fessional look, you want to keep the colour palette of the shoe rather subtle and the design minimal. No neons, no funky straps, no high tops. I started this look with the brand new Fresh Foam Cruz from New Balance. Black is always the very best colour to choose and I was drawn to the slip-on style that meant less lacing on the sneaker and I loved the leather detailing on the tongue of the shoe. It’s a mature looking sneaker and maturity is the name of the game for this look. Remember, this look isn’t to impress your client, it’s to show you are confident and versatile.

Now whether you’re wearing shorts or pants, this is the second part of the athletic side of the look. Of course, the long black jogger pant is a solid option but to be honest, I’m kind of over it and this is summer, baby. Save the joggers for fall and give the cut off sweats a shot. But don’t cut them yourself. There are a ton of collections that now offer this style of short so just look around your favourite stores and you’re bound to find a pair. Now we just need to sharpen the look up with the right top and some quality accessories. There’s really only two options for your top here…

1| A knitted polo. The knitted polo generally always has a sweater-type of cuff around the bottom so it immediately gives a natural tucked in kind of look. Sitting just below the waist line with no droopiness. A traditional polo needs to be tucked in so look for the lightweight sweater polo to avoid that.

2| Classic button-up. A simple slim fitting oxford button up thats steamed or pressed.

Then of course, bring the look together with a leather briefcase, laptop case or messenger bag and a minimal timepiece. Simple yet refined. Go get ’em tiger.


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