Celebrating Summer Drinks + Adventures with McDonalds


June feels good doesn’t it? For me, there’s something about the months of June and September that just…feel good. Like fresh starts. June is the true arrival of summer with jean shorts, movie nights, white tees over perfect tans and pretty much just fun days and nights. I think sometimes we get so caught up in climbing the professional ladder, or saving for that dream home that we forget to do some fun things along the way. To ask ourselves, “hey what would actually be a super cool thing to do today?”, and then go freaking DO it. For real.

OK let’s minus the weekdays because most of us do the nine to five thing to some degree so that leaves us with weekends. How many weekends do we see blow by because we kind of just go with the flow. Well what if we all just started a bucket list of things and experiences we TRULY wanted to live. Things that we’ve always wanted to do and not because it was trendy and super Instagrammable or because your friends decided to do it. Things you would do alone on a deserted island because you actually can’t imagine anything better to do while passing time. Things that were accessible and reasonable but amazing nonetheless. That would make for some pretty killer weekends and one heck of a summer wouldn’t it?

I think you guys know by now that I’m a pretty reflective person. I’m always assessing my life and asking myself “how can I be doing things a little better?”. Well knowing I wanted to inject a little spontaneity and energy into my summer, I jumped at the chance to work with McDonald’s on a project celebrating not just Summer Drink Days but the exhilaration and satisfaction of crossing things off the summer bucket list. They challenged me really. To find something that I’ve aways wanted to do and then go do it and journal it. I kicked around a bunch of ideas including tennis lessons, sailing the waterfront but then it hit me. I’m a car fanatic and have always dreamed of getting behind the wheel of an exotic car and one with body numbing power.

I connected with GTA Exotics and started to piece the day together. We picked the first Friday in June, I called some of my best friends in Sara and Mike and we hit the road to good ol’ Smithville, Ontario. We pit-stopped at McDonald’s because I’ve gotten pretty obsessed with the Real Fruit Smoothies for my breakfast. No matter how hard I reflect and envision my better self making homemade Belgian waffles every morning in linen pjyamas, something I can get in me on the go to the studio every morning is really my kind of thing. The Blueberry Pomegranate and Strawberry Banana are my faves by the way and I always score of the Grilled Chicken McWraps too.

We of course brought Baby Fred along, Mike enjoyed his first piece of gum in a decade (actually) and we subsequently labeled him the new Encino Man as he stared out the window and yapped about how flavourful it was. Sara crushed a large fries in the backseat in about 90 seconds because she had been craving them for days although I absolutely taxed a handful as I passed them back from the drive-thru window.

I cannot tell you how surreal it was when we arrived. I was expecting a commercial parking lot on arrival but were met with a gated lane leading up to a picturesque mansion surrounded by jaw-dropping cars. Porsche, Lamborghini, an Audi R8 and a monster of a vehicle in the Polaris Slingshot right out front. The owner Stewart was a rad guy. We chatted for a while talking cars and Fred scoured the property and bravely met a Great Dane that had about 185 lbs on him.

Eventually I started to hover towards the cars taking in the exposed engine of the R8, the stunning lines of the Lambo and the sheer uniqueness of the Slingshot. We fired up the engines, took some cool shots, and started to take the cars for a quick spin. Fittingly, we saved the best for last, the Slingshot. If you’re wondering what the heck this thing is, the short story is that it’s a roofless, 3-wheeled powerhouse of a vehicle really. I said to Stewart “we ain’t just going up and down he laneway with this one”. He gave us is blessing and waved us off to go take over the back roads of Smithville.

It was a monster. The sound was aggressive and the handling was a blast. We cruised for a while and made another stop at McD’s for a refuel. I mean, what is more summer than cruising the dusty back roads in a roofless exotic car sipping summer drinks? Props to McDonald’s for re-introducing the Summer Drink Days because you can’t beat the prices. $2 for the smoothies and $1 for the fountain drinks and small frozen lemonades. You can upsize for next to nothing too.

It definitely felt good to cross something off my bucket list and quite possibly opened the door to a whole new hobby. Stewart and I made plans to bring the gang back out on a weekend because GTA Exotics does a tour day which is apparently just the most incredible day and gives you tons of time behind the wheel driving through windy roads amounts sprawling vineyards.

A big thank you to McDonalds for such a great idea and for helping me kick June off the right way. Being a June baby, finding a way to celebrate summer was a great early birthday present. Summer Drink Days are only on until September 4th so get your fill as you start crossing off those bucket list items.


*A special thank you to McDonalds Canada for sponsoring this story.


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