Breaking Free From Denim

Posted on October 27, 2017 by Daniel Ocean

This is by no means an attack on denim. Style was built on the great fitting jean BUT, it doesn’t mean us men of 2017 have to be married to them. Many of you reading are likely around my age as a seasoned millennial and many of you likely feel sometimes that while the invasion of casual style may be convenient, it sometimes puts us in a box. I feel that way. I work from home, I have my own office, sometimes I do my meetings in workout gear for f*ck’s sake! The point is, I recently started an investigation on how I could spike my style just a little yet still maintain comfort and embody my flexible lifestyle as an entrepreneur. Maybe even grow up a little with my style, you know?

The only thing I knew was that I was going to look beyond denim. Obviously the chino is an alternative but I still wanted more…tailoring. I naturally went back to some of my fave looks that I entitled on this very blog as “The Look” which was a simple fusion of the suit trouser and a slim fitting tee so this post is very much an extension of that one with a great find to share. I went on the hunt for a suit trouser that WASN’T paired with a jacket but was meant to be worn alone with maximum comfort and minimal alterations needed. Zara came through as it often does. I found a few pairs of trousers buried on the website that seemed to fit what I was looking for. Slim leg, casual back pockets and was thrown a small decorative keyring attached to the front that didn’t turn me off.  VIEW

What Zara rarely adds in their description is the composition of a product but I took a chance and they arrived this week. I got all 3 colours offered (black, blue, grey) and also took a chance on another 5 or 6 pairs that looked similar. While those didn’t exactly fit my expectation, my first selections were frigging perfect. The material is a mix of cotton and polyester which make them essentially wrinkle free and stretchy. Like, good stretchy. Feel like ya in your pjs and hugs your bod kinda stretchy.

I put the look to the test this week and kept it simple with a fitted chest-pocket tee from Feathers, a crew-neck sweater from Reigning Champ and a fresh new pair of old school Vans. It was a much needed break from denim and I plan to do a heck of a lot more this fall. Tell me what you guys think in the comments. Peace!


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