First and foremost, thank you for visiting.

This space came to be in 2016 mostly by chance. I figured it could be a place to frame a few photos but quickly became a place to share myself inside and out. Whether this is a blog, a journal or a creative storyboard, it is meant to showcase my sense of style and my personal journey through life .

I would like this website to act as a place where other men can visit to find a piece of much needed inspiration, an idea, a moment of relation or even just an entertaining minute or two.

I suppose I should say a few words about what I do and where I came from. My work across the digital media industry in a few different capacities. I am a freelance web designer, personal stylist, creative director, fitness trainer, interior design consultant, event producer and co-founder of Platform Media + Management.

I am a lover of acoustic music, classic menswear, bulldogs, nordic design, sports and fast cars with loud engines. I believe that life is about always evolving and developing. Most of all, I am simply a man looking to create a few things and moments I can be proud of when I’m old and grey.

“Style isn’t just about what you wear, it’s about how you live.”