A Holiday Toast with Ciroc

Posted on December 19, 2017 by Daniel Ocean

’Tis the season.

Confession #1…I’ve been playing Frank Sinatra Christmas tunes since mid-November and I’ll tell you why. I shared a lot this autumn about going through some tough times. A culmination of what felt like a thousand bad bounces manifested into a really bad month or two. But like a lot of things in life, signs started emerging as if it was all meant to happen. The down times inspired me to create some new great ones and to focus my energy on having a happy and healthy holidays. Sometimes in a storm you get a clear sense of who you are, what you want and most of all, the amazing people in your life you didn’t know were so supportive. Instagram likes, fast cars, and new fancy watches are nice but having good people in your life is true wealth, you know?

I took some of my energy and applied it to redesigning my home. Yes…AGAIN. It’s very much an ongoing joke in my inner circle. The hardwood flooring came up, concrete floors were grinded in clouds of smoke until midnight, old furniture went out and new pieces came in. Toronto’s first snowfall also rolled in and it was the perfect time to open my door to some good friends to toast to the Christmas spirit. I’ve been really lucky to have a friend like Dustin Carrington in my life and the occasion called for some special cocktails.

I jumped on the opportunity to stock my bar cart with the newest member of the Ciroc portfolio of premium vodkas. Summertime is always Ciroc with a touch of champagne and lemon but the newest French Vanilla flavour was a treat to experiment with. The trick with premium vodka is to not lose the beauty of it’s foundation with too many extra flavours. I served some DIY cocktails of Ciroc French Vanilla, sparkling water and cinnamon flakes to give it a light but still warm and creamy taste. It was the perfect addition to our get together and already got me thinking about doing a New Year’s party too! I’ve always wanted to throw a party with a live bar serving a variety of drinks and the Ciroc recipe page has got me inspired.

I really hope everybody can find the time to enjoy this feeling. To host your favourites, serve the best and take moneys to just, be. Be alive. Be present and be aware of what matters. I need all you guys with me rolling into 2018 so make sure to enjoy responsibly because for every night of relaxation and laughs comes a day of hard work and purpose to earn the next.

Merry Christmas my friends. So much love for all.


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