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It felt like the perfect time of year to highlight a project celebrating togetherness. When I connected with Thomas Sabo and they told me about the new Together Collection, the conversation immediately led to my partnership with Sara Koonar. It’s funny, despite Platform Media being such a huge part of my life, I don’t actually put enough effort into sharing that part of my life on my blog. To sum it up, Platform Media is an agency I share with Sara representing some of Canada’s most talented creators and bloggers. We help coordinate and execute stories written and framed by our amazing roster with some of their favourite brands and people.

Platform was built a little over a year ago but really the story starts about a year before that. I was a newly unemployed man looking for a purpose and a new inspiration in my life. I was pretty lucky to find it in a small little package with shiny black hair and a button nose. Sara strutted into my life in a floral dress and we immediately had a spark that left me starting to believe in the idea of fate. That we were meant to meet for some reason. From there on, we spent just about every waking hour either in front of one another or on the telephone. I was just a sneakerhead with an affinity for menswear and she helped open a new door for me that gave me the opportunity to actually celebrate it. To broadcast it to the world and connect with thousands of likeminded men. I remember early in our relationship something happened that made her question a little whether I had a fit in her life. In retrospect, it was something insignificant and minor and at first I thought, well ok…I guess that’s that. But it didn’t take long for a strange uneasy feeling to set in. I barely knew her but I knew I wasn’t ready to see her walk away. I thought, no no no, I’m not letting that happen young lady. So what did I do? I took her for ice cream damn it! I remember it like yesterday because it might have been the most life changing thing I ever did. We walked through Trinity Bellwoods for a long while, talked about everything under the sun and we both knew right then and there we weren’t going anywhere.

See! Photographic evidence.

We spent the next year getting to know one another, each other’s families, making new mutual friends and eventually planting the seed of Platform on a summer night on a patio sipping wine and eating pizza and pasta. We thought, hey this city needs someone to be a leader in the industry of content creation and storytelling. We knew it right then and there our lives were going to be intertwined even more so. It’s actually a bit surreal in this moment to think about all the things we did together. We both added two amazing little bulldogs in Joey and Fred to our lives, we survived the near heartbreak of almost losing Joey and we lived on a mattress in my living room for weeks as he regained his strength. I was there to decorate Sara’s first home, pick up the keys of her first car, she was my co-star in one of my first photoshoots as a blogger, she was my date at my very first fashion week, both of my brother’s weddings and we found about a million other things to do in between.

Not a bad gal to share the spotlight with…

Like most important relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs. One of my favourite moments is when I took on the challenge of the Mud Run. We drove 3 hours north in the rain, I trekked through mud, under wire, over walls and eventually made it to the finish line. Despite the gruelling task, my partner was right there at every obstacle, Joey in hands, as my cheerleader. It was one of the happiest days of my life to break free from the norm and have someone there with me with a smile and support. Now when other “somethings” happened, I didn’t always take her for ice cream and sometimes we got a little louder than the innocent days of the past. Yet some of the most special moments I’ve ever had were when we managed to find a way through them and keep our journey on track. To tear at each other but end up right back in front one another again to help each other put the pieces back together. Like two kids on a floor battling a puzzle and trying the pieces in each other’s section.Β The feeling of relief that we at least knew in our bones that even though we were angry with one another, we didn’t want to be anywhere else. It very much was togetherness.

As time goes by and Platform has grown, Sara and I have found a way to keep the togetherness of our business intact. Like time does to so many things in life, our relationship has evolved and been reshaped like a stone in a river bed. But the truth is, being able to say you have something with somebody is what life is all about. It’s like we’ve spent years grinding away, sweating, laughing, crying and forging this little thing called Platform. Visiting Thomas Sabo and picking out pieces that represent the beauty and strength of togetherness felt strangely right. As if they were final tokens of the forging we shared together.

The Together Collection from Thomas Sabo is meant to celebrate the unity of people. Interlocking with another’s heart and promising to keep it safe. A bond that may get bent, but not broken. With rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and timepieces in the collection, it’s obviously a great gift this holiday season. But sometimes, it’s nice to just give something and say you love someone just because. Love may be a heartbreaker at times, but it truly is man’s most amazing discovery.

Here is a look into our morning and some of the stunning pieces we picked out. And make sure to go check out the Together collection HERE




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