Damn it felt good to be back in New York City. Although it was just a New York minute of a trip of just under three days, it quenched the thirst that was building up the last few years. Every trip I’ve ever taken to the Big Apple was always just a 24 hour thing. Fly in, do a meeting or a little work then back out the next morning. These 2 nights and 3 days felt like an eternity and finally gave me a chance to take in a few more sights.

I partnered up with GapFit to essentially come and get my ass kicked by world-renowned trainers Jonny Roxx + Tanisha Scott. Both close confidants and trainers for Drake, the duo created the ‘Make Your Move’ campaign, a celebration of fitness training and wardrobe. GapFit launched into the athletic wear space a few years back and have impressed me with their collection. I geared up for the event and all of the pieces were very form fitting and comfortable. I find tights can sometimes be bothersome but the Revolution Training Tights I wore felt just right and the print was downright dope.


So I touched down in NY a day before the event with my partner Sara and immediately checked into the Ace Hotel. The hotel was pretty bad-ass and the loft room we stayed in was off the charts. Taking shots in there was a breeze with the encased windows, old books, record player and a stunning old school bathtub surrounded by brass handles and subway tile. The weather was perfect so we walked the 20 blocks from midtown up to Rockefeller Centre so I could visit an old boss from my Equinox days and meet our dear friend Alexander Liang (@alexanderkenton) for some lunch in the sun on a patio. Lunch was delicious and I got the chance to touch my first horse. For real. I was magnetized to this NYPD horse outside of the patio and eventually built up the courage to go say what’s up. Sara and Alex laughed at my childish dorkiness but it was worth it.

We then walked down to Bryant Park for a late afternoon coffee and eventually made it back to the Top of the Rock to get the perfect shots of the NYC skyline. Now for anybody making the trip, I will advise you, it takes at least 30 minutes to make the climb up with all of the lines. I’m not very good at those kinds of things but it was worth it. Likely something you only need to do once or twice in your life. Although we wanted to paint the town, my desire to kick ass at the GapFit class the next morning led to a 10pm bedtime and a wrap on a solid first day in NY.

I was up at the crack of dawn the next morning and took in the most incredible cappuccino I’ve ever had at the Stumpharts cafe within the confines of the Ace. I’m not kidding, by the end of the trip I had 10 of these under my belt they were so good. I then geared up in my GapFit gear and we made the walk to Rumble Boxing. The setup was pretty impressive with neon lights and a ton of energy. The class consisted of a fusion of plyometric style movements, traditional boxing training and even hip-hop choreography. My dance moves were a little hurting but I was a good sport and gave it all I had. It felt good to break a good sweat and train alongside all the eager peeps there.

Sara and I spent the rest of the day poking through Soho shopping and eventually back to the hotel for drinks with a client and eventually dinner at The Smith in midtown. For the record, the pressed chicken with mash was 10/10. I could live off the chicken and capps in NYC I guess.

I of course wish I had a few more days to take in the city but will definitely be back this summer. I want to give a special thank you to Gap for hosting such a cool event and celebrating fitness. As an ex-fitness instructor and lifelong fitness fanatic, it’s refreshing to see personal fitness evolve into such a positive lifestyle among young people. It’s no longer a chore but the cool thing to do. Hey, whatever it takes.


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